Birding in the Falklands  

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During my university years I had some friends wh studied biology.
Some of them were "heavily into birding", as we called it.

They didn't mind waking up with the sun and bicycling over an hour to find a spot to see rare birds.

Some days they took a whole load of books with them, to find the name of one special bird, or they took sketchmaterial into the woods to draw a bird as well as possibel to show their professor.

I love birds, especially those in my own garden.

Maybe it's because I can't go at far-away places to see the birds there.

That's why I like Birding in the Falkland Islands a photoblog showing birds in their natural habitat.

Alan Henry stays in the Falklands since 1987, and he knows the right spots and the right poeple to warn him when a special bird is seen.
His camera is my set of eyes into a world where I can't be.

Go and have a look and be amazed.
Feel caught in respect for nature.
It's beautiful!

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