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I love beading.

As a child I had a board with sticks at school, and when we worked hard we had time to put beads on it.
My teacher gave me encouragement not to follow the samples, but to invent my own designs.
I loved it!

Later I used paper and pen, and again a few years later beads and thread.

From the corner f my eye I saw a site with a beaded pink ribbon.
It was lovely, and I wanted to find it again.

It´s just me that I haven´t found it back.
It´s probably sold to someone and i can only hope she´s enjoying it to bits.

But I´ve found a site which really impressed me.

Not as much the site itself, but the beaded items the people make to which the site refers.

Etsy Beadweavers is a place where beadsters are challenged each month with a special theme. For november: ancestral expressions, choosen by last months winner Deb.
I'm already looking forward to the little pieces of art which will enter the contest.

At the left is a tremendous list of links to the etsy sites of beading members, where you can find lots of earrings, bracelets, pendants, cufs and a lot more against a wide range of prices.

Whether you like a simple brooch as a little accent, or a piece of art to complement your outfit, you can find it.

So this is the first link I wanted to bring to your attention at Laane's Links.

Don't hesitate to contact me and bring some more interesting sites to my attention.

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Thanks for the mention of EBW!!

As a member of EBW, I also wanted to thank you!

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