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Surfing around is not always going to unknown sites.

There are places I love to land and stay a bit.

Rkdsign8 has created a site where she displays her art.

She has her own, clear style, which is neither minimalistic, nor abundant.

Whenever I have children here that are loud, I show them her work, and regardless of age, they get calm and want to see more.

Even though I've been often at her site, which is updated regularly, I haven't been at her etsy site before now.

Me oh my! All her drawings are there to be bought for just a very low prize.
Even in this time of resession everyone can afford something from her shop. Her drawings and stickers make a lovely present.
When you put a drawing in a list, it looks even more expensive.

To my surprise she also offers some of her drawings as PDF files.
I'll put the cupcakes set on the wishlist for my birthday (12 days from now).

I'm sure you'll find this site a place to come back often, so bookmark it.

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